Welcome to the NabazLab project's website!

If you speak english, you will be happy to learn that this site has been fully translated to english.

And yes, I mean ALL the site, including the Development section, so take the tour now!
And if you ever find some "bugs" or if you just need some help, visit the forum.
Also, if you do not know them yet, explore all the possibilities of NabazLab :
  • A dance editor (to create them more easily).
  • Support for multi-language (french and english for now).
  • A command line utility to compile assembly programs.
  • A reworked web management interface for the NabazLab service to fit new web site design.
  • New directives to use in your assembly programs.
Site sections are accessed by clicking the Nabaztag's. Yes, these ones at the bottom of the screen.